At Z-Wear, our biggest concerns are:

  1. Proper sizing.
  2. Getting the decorations exactly right the first time.
  3. The exact colors for your uniform’s numbers, team name, mascots,
    and logos.
  4. The correct styles of team names and number styles.
  5. The correct trims, placements and colors.

With this in mind, all uniform companies are different. There isn’t a standard “Large,” or any standard size, in the uniform business. Please consult with one of our representatives to have a sample sizing set sent to you or make an appointment to have your team sized. This will ensure that your uniforms fit right the first time!

We make your uniforms look exactly like you want and we charge a price you can afford. In most cases, we can be there in person to assist you with your order, simply call us a t 713-864-1550 to request an appointment with a representative. We will have everything in writing and will not start with your order until you have signed off on everything to ensure the accuracy of the uniform sizes, correct spelling of team names, correct team colors and logos. We will be on the same page at the time of order placement. You will receive the order about 4 to 6 weeks after we receive a P.O. # or other type of payment.
For any other questions, please call 713-864-1550 or e-mail

First choose a jersey style and pants/shorts style from our catalog. If you are online you can use the Uniform Builder.

Step 1

  1. Select the number of a jersey pattern.
  2. Select a color for each section of the jersey.
  3. Select a number font. Click here to view the screen print number styles.
  4. Select a color for the number and outline.
  5. Enter your team name and click “submit” if using Uniform Builder.

Step 2

  1. Choose a pattern for the pants/shorts if applicable.
  2. Select a color for each section of the pant/shorts.

Step 3

  1. Print and complete order form at the bottom of the page.
  2. Add options/extras to the special instructions section on the form.
  3. Fax to Z-Wear 713-864-3503 to receive quote. (You will receive a quote
    within 2 business days)

Step 4

  1. Choose your print and extras options:
    1. Screen print
    2. Tackletwill
  2. Select a mascot graphic (if needed)
  3. Click here for “Extras and Add Ons
  4. Click here for “Print Locations

Step 5

  1. To request a meeting with a representative click “Contact” page.
  2. If you have any questions about the website or uniform builder contact
    Z-Wear at 713-864-1550.

Step 6

  1. Submit a purchase order (P.O.#) to guarantee a 4 to 6 week delivery date.
  2. We will not start an order without a P.O.# unless authorized by a sales representative.